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A unique know-how

The most beautiful jewelry for a mother-to-be in gold!

After 9 months of wearing it, your little one is almost here! Congratulations! You deserve to be rewarded for all the work you have done. Give yourself the best birth gift with Façonnier. Did you know that there are stones for each month of birth, so before you decide which jewel to give for a birth, find out which stone and its virtues correspond to it the most by click here.

Is she having a baby shower? It's time to think about your gift. Sublimate the unique moment that is a birth by offering her a limited edition jewel. The advantage of the jewel to accompany this magical moment is that it will be with you all your life, an exceptional piece for a unique moment.

A tailor-made birth gift

A tailor-made birth gift

You want to mark the occasion and offer a piece of jewellery to your wife or your future little one as a welcome gift? We can make the jewel you want. Have the date, name, etc. engraved on a pendant, a ring or a bracelet. Choose the color of the gold, the stone and the shape of the jewel for a unique mother !

Our mastery of all the stages of the production chain allows us to offer you this unique service. Give free rein to your desires. By choosing Façonnier you choose the know-how of French jewellery passed down from generation to generation.

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