The history of jewelry


The art of jewellery-making is as old as the world itself. As far back as the dawn of time, the most ancient peoples of the world produced jewelry made from metals and gems of varying degrees of preciousness. Jewelry is the art of creating jewels, ornaments and decorative objects from precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and precious stones. Jewelers are the artists who create unique and exceptional pieces.

Jewelry takes its first steps in France

French jewelry is one of France's oldest industries. Its history dates back to medieval times, when the first local craftsmen began making gold and silver jewelry. The industry continued to develop over the centuries, becoming increasingly sophisticated and diversified.

Key periods

19th century
French jewelry has undergone a veritable revolution, opening up to new styles and materials. French jewelers adopted new manufacturing techniques, and the use of new metals such as platinum. This period also saw the creation of numerous workshops and brands, some of which are still highly prized today.
20th century
One of jewelry's most famous recent movements is that of originality and exuberance. Always heavy, voluminous and above all colorful, these jewels reflect spectacular craftsmanship. Great jewelers such as Van Cleef, Dinh Van and many others produced creations that made their houses internationally famous.
21st century
A new era of modernity and sophistication in jewelry-making has dawned in the 21st century. Techniques were perfected. French jewelers began to experiment with new design techniques, such as laser engraving and 3D printing.
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The latest jewelry trends in France

Today, French jewelry is still considered one of the world's greatest masterpieces of craftsmanship. French jewelers continue to innovate and produce quality pieces. Thanks to all the latest manufacturing techniques, Façonnier can help you create the jewel of your dreams.

French jewelry is recognized worldwide for its unique designs and high-quality materials. French jewelers are known for their attention to detail, their use of a wide range of materials and their ability to create unique, high-quality pieces.

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