Cannes Collection

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The Cannes Film Festival is known as one of the most prestigious in the world, attended by the world's top celebrities and film industry professionals. The Cannes ring reflects the elegance and originality of the outfits worn during the famous "montée des marches". It's a veritable temple of extravagance, where anything goes to get noticed. The Cannes collection is a symbol of the intoxication of the festival's finest parties and private soirées. Like all Façonnier collections, this collection respects the principle of limited series.

Amethyst & Diamonds

A creation worthy of French jewellery savoir-faire that will not go unnoticed. Amethyst is the centerpiece of the collection. This ancient gem has been used in jewelry-making for over 4,000 years. Its violet color and voluminous size are enhanced by the 150 diamonds set on the ring's body. The sparkle of its many diamonds makes the entire jewel shine.

Has the Cannes collection sparked your creativity?

Has the history of the Cannes collection awakened the artist in you? Would you like to treat yourself in your own way? Façonnier's made-to-measure service is the answer! Take advantage of an online service dedicated just to you. Entrust us with the creation of the jewel of your dreams, and put your trust in the excellence of French craftsmanship.