Delia Diamant Collection

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Delia, that's her. Lucas, her fiancé, put his trust in Façonnier and listened to our advice to create his custom solitaire. This lovely couple gave us the go-ahead to create a whole universe around this magnificent solitaire, resulting in the Delia collection comprising a ring, a necklace and a pair of earrings. Always in limited series, the Delia collection is available in 100 pieces. Don't wait any longer and dive into a world that's just like her: soft, sensual and full of character. Thanks to both of you.

The marriage of diamonds and rose gold

Like Delia and Lucas, Façonnier and rose gold are a great love story. Its warm color is a perfect match for the brilliance of a diamond, and can be worn in all seasons and styles. Step off the beaten track and dare to use rose gold, whose distinctive color will last for years to come. This jewel can be the symbol of your love. Visit our blog to find out more about the reasons behind our love affair with rose gold. This collection is not made of simple diamonds set with classic claws; the claws are more square in an architectural style, the Façonnier touch.

Are you inspired by the Delia collection?

Like Delia, create your own jewelry. Would you like to create your jewelry in the same style? Or create your jewelry from scratch? Go to the custom jewelry page to create your own piece of jewelry. Make your dreams come true! Trust Façonnier and its typically French know-how.