Corsica Laricio Collection

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For the launch of the Façonnier brand, we've chosen to offer you modern collections with thoughtful, accomplished designs. The Corsica collection is one of them, a very graphic and accessible collection.

For the Corsica collection, we wanted to work with stones with a special cut called Pyramidale. The round curves of the collection's jewels perfectly highlight the Pyramidale stone duo.

The marriage of smoky quartz and yellow gold

The delicate combination of smoky quartz, reminiscent of beachside woods, and the warm glow of yellow gold in the Laricio edition Corsica collection, celebrates the harmony between nature and the sun shining through the trees. The name Corsica for this collection draws its inspiration from this combination, recalling coastal landscapes where woods meet the glint of the sun.

Together, they create a timeless, captivating aesthetic, conveying a sense of elegance and serenity.

Has the Corsica Laricio collection sparked your creativity?

Has the Laricio edition of the Corsica collection touched your creativity? Would you like to express your inner duality in your own way? Would you like the same jewel in different colors? Now's your chance, with our made-to-measure service, to create your own jewel!