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Take a stroll through the Façonnier collection and discover all the jewelry currently available. If you're looking for a ring, pendant, necklace, bracelet or earrings in an exclusive style, you've come to the right place. As you browse through the pages, explore the breadth of Les Façonniers' expertise. All our jewelry is made from 18-carat gold and recycled platinum.

Our collections are your companions for all the occasions and events in life. We like to make jewelry that matches your lifestyle. The subtlety of our work is to combine the choice of stones, the color of the gold and our designs with fashion. Façonnier jewelry is your beautiful fashion accessory.

There are three ways of doing things, the right atthe wrong at & my wayon.

Façonnier is committed to producing only limited-edition items!

> Façonnier undertakes to define a maximum production quantity for each new product before its launch,

> Façonnier is committed to ensuring that each piece of jewelry is unique and identifiable thanks to a serial number,

> Façonnier undertakes never to reproduce a piece of jewelry once the planned quantity has been sold or the sales deadline exceeded.

> Façonnier undertakes to deliver all your jewelry free of charge anywhere in the world, and to dispatch jewelry available in stock within 4 working days*.

If you want an even more exclusive piece of jewelry, take advantage of the expertise of our makers with a 100 % made-to-measure online service. Go to the Customized page. Fill in the form in less than 2 minutes, then choose a time to meet our designer. We can create the jewel of your dreams, or transform a piece of jewelry handed down in your family!