Delia Saphir Collection

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Did you like the Delia collection in rose gold and diamonds? We have chosen to expand our color palette, exploring other precious gems. In this vein, we're delighted to present the Delia collection in different shades, creating a universe that embraces variety while honoring the original story. Lucas and Delia, the collaboration that gave birth to a dream jewel, was also the inspiration for an expanded range. Like the original solitaire, each jewel in the collection remains a limited edition, preserving its value and uniqueness.

There are three ways of doing things: the right way, the wrong way & my way.

Drawing its inspiration from the romantic epic of Lucas and Delia, this magnificent declination fuses the icy elegance of white gold with the mysterious depth of Ceylon sapphire. White gold, with its crystalline purity, evokes the sweetness of a love that endures through time. It blends gracefully with sapphire, a precious stone whose deep blue embodies confidence like a well of emotions. Each sapphire set in our creations reflects the deep feelings shared between two souls linked by the thread of destiny.

Are you inspired by the Delia collection?

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