Corsica Azur Collection

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For the launch of the Façonnier brand, we've chosen to offer you modern collections with thoughtful, accomplished designs. The Corsica collection is one of them, a very graphic and accessible collection.

For the Corsica collection, we wanted to work with stones with a special cut called Pyramidale. The round curves of the collection's jewels perfectly highlight the Pyramidale stone duo.

The marriage of blue topaz and white gold

The subtle fusion of blue topaz, evoking sea and sky, and the pure brilliance of white gold in the Corsica Azur edition collection, embodies the harmonious union between two emblematic elements of nature. The name Corsica is inspired by the combination of blue topaz, symbolizing sea and sky, and white gold, evoking the purity of coastal rocks.

Blue topaz recalls the captivating hues of the sea and azure sky. When combined with the luminous sparkle of white gold, it creates a timeless, elegant aesthetic, conveying a feeling of freshness and serenity.

Has the Corsica Azur collection sparked your creativity?

Has the Azur edition of the Corsica collection touched your creativity? Would you like to express your inner duality in your own way? Would you like the same jewel in different colors? Now's your chance, with our made-to-measure service, to create your own jewel!