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The corset is a staple of fashion history, and has become even more fashionable on today's catwalks. A corset was used to sculpt and support the body, and the Corset collection follows the same principle, with the stone sublimated by the diamond belt. Discover the Façonnier corset!

The Corset collection includes a ring, necklace and earrings. Like all Façonnier collections, it is based on the principle of limited series.

The Iolite and its diamond corset

Iolite is the body of the collection and the beating heart of each piece. Its slightly violet-blue color is very intense and little known to the general public. Its emerald cut lets the light illuminate the jewel perfectly. The corset is symbolized by a horizontal line of diamonds that encircles the Iolite. This line of diamonds also echoes the lace generally associated with the corset. The creation of this collection is a meticulous work of precision. Façonnier had to put all its heart into its realization to achieve a perfect finish.

Let your creativity do the talking

Would you like to create your own jewel? Create a piece of jewelry with a few adaptations of your own? Or create a bespoke piece of jewelry from A to Z to make the most beautiful gift for the person of your choice? Go to the custom jewelry page to create your own piece of jewelry. Book an appointment in just a few clicks! Make your dreams come true! Put your trust in Façonnier and its French know-how, now recognized by many of the world's leading jewelers. labels.