Corsica Soleil Collection

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Discover the Corsica Soleil collection: 18K gold jewelry with a modern, thoughtful and accessible design, launched by the Façonnier brand. The round curves of the jewels highlight the duo of Pyramidale stones, worked with a particular cut.

Immerse yourself in a graphic aesthetic and let yourself be seduced by the captivating radiance of the Corsica Soleil collection.

The marriage of citrine and yellow gold

Discover the Corsica Soleil collection: a delightful marriage of yellow gold and citrine, capturing the essence of Corsica's magnificent sunsets. The shimmering hues of citrine and the warm glow of yellow gold evoke the vibrant, bewitching colors of the sky at dusk.

Let yourself be inspired by the spellbinding beauty of sunsets on this Mediterranean island, where golden and orange hues paint a landscape of magical atmosphere. Discover the Corsica Soleil collection and immerse yourself in this spellbinding experience.

Has the Corsica Soleil collection sparked your creativity?

Has the Soleil edition of the Corsica collection touched your creativity? Would you like to express your inner duality in your own way? Would you like the same jewel in different colors? Now's your chance, with our made-to-measure service, to create your own jewel!