Iris Collection

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Once again, inspiration for the Iris collection came from the natural world around us. The deep blue of this flower, its petals and its distinctive shape led us to the result you see before you today. A symbol of fidelity, courage, confidence and wisdom, the Iris de Façonnier collection will accompany you through every moment of your life.

Iolite & rose gold

To begin designing the collection, we had to choose which stone would most faithfully represent the color of the iris. The final choice fell on iolite for several reasons: first, its slightly violet blue color, and second, its slightly lower hardness than traditional sapphires. This allows us to cut it as we wish. The cut of the iolites in the collection is an original Façonnier creation. The rose gold petals blend perfectly with the iolite. This collection includes a ring, a bracelet, a necklace and a pair of earrings that always respects our personal style. limited series principle.

Are you inspired by the Iris collection?

Would you like to put a little of your nature in a jewel box? Would you like to surprise someone? Take advantage of Façonnier's made-to-measure service and create your jewel your way. Entrust us with the creation of the jewel of your dreams, and put your trust in a typically French savoir-faire, recognized today by 3 labels.