How do I know my finger size and bracelet size?

How do I know my finger size?

Nothing could be easier! Before you start measuring your finger size, there are a few things you need to know:

1. If you hesitate between two finger sizes, always choose the larger one. It's common for our fingers to swell with temperature, but also with activity.

2. Measure the finger of the hand on which you want your ring, as each finger can have a different size.

3. Take into account the articulation of your finger. The ring must be able to pass through.

4. At façonnier, if you get your finger size wrong, we guarantee a free resizing. 

There are lots of tricks you can use to measure your finger size, but here are some of the most effective.

Tip 1: Our free ring binder

If you have the time to wait a few extra days (delivery time), we can offer you a sizer that measures your finger circumference simply and efficiently. It works like a belt. 01. Pass the ring around the finger you wish to measure. 02. Look at the size displayed through the integrated magnifying glass 03. Look at the size displayed through the integrated magnifying glass.


Pass the end of the baguier under the magnifying glass to create a loop.


Pass the ring around the finger you wish to measure, then tighten it.


Look at the size displayed using the magnifying glass built into the ring gauge

How to choose your finger size
Order my baguier

Tip 2: Printable baguier

By printing out this ring gauge, which you can download in PDF format by clicking on the download ring gauge button (so as not to change the dimensions), you can find out your finger size in just a few seconds. Simply place a ring you own (a ring with a round body) on the ring gauge and look to see what size the inner circumference of your ring corresponds to.

Tip 3: Measure the circumference of your finger, or the diameter of one of your rings

In France, finger sizes are expressed in millimeters. For a size 54 ring, its circumference is therefore 54mm or 5.4cm. But when you want to make a gift, you can't always know the circumference of the person's finger. In this case, it's simpler to measure the diameter of a ring already in your possession and refer to the conversion table below.

Ring size Finger circumference in mm Finger circumference in cm Ring diameter in mm
44 44 4.4 14.01
45 45 4.5 14.33
46 46 4.6 14.65
47 47 4.7 14.97
48 48 4.8 15.29
49 49 4.9 15.61
50 50 5.0 15.92
51 51 5.1 16.24
52 52 5.2 16.56
53 53 5.3 16.88
54 54 5.4 17.20
55 55 5.5 17.52
56 56 5.6 17.83
57 57 5.7 18.15
58 58 5.8 18.47
59 59 5.9 18.79
60 60 6.0 19.11
61 61 6.1 19.43
62 62 6.2 19.75
63 63 6.3 20.06
64 64 6.4 20.38
65 65 6.5 20.70
66 66 6.6 21.02
67 67 6.7 21.34
68 68 6.8 21.66
69 69 6.9 21.97
70 70 7.0 22.29

How to choose a bracelet size

At façonnier, you'll find several types of bracelets. The first category is chain bracelets. These are assembled with several intermediate rings, allowing you to adjust the size of the bracelet to your wrist. The second category is flex bracelets, like those in the Corsica Giulia and Beetle. For these bracelets, you can choose between 3 sizes (14cm, 16cm and 18cm). To choose the right bracelet, measure your wrist. To do this, take a piece of rope, wrap it around your wrist, pinch where the rope makes a full turn and measure with a ruler.

Between 14 and 16 cm: choose size 14
Between 16 and 18 cm: choose size 16
18 cm and over: choose size 18

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