How well do you know sapphire?

blue sapphire

If you can't resist the dazzling color of sapphire, you're not alone!

Today, sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones among jewelry lovers. It is also one of the most set. Everyone knows its brilliant blue color, but very few know all its varieties. There are many varieties of sapphire, depending not only on their color tone, but also on how they are heated. From a light blue to a dark blue, there is almost every possible variation. Heating is a necessary step for this stone to reveal its true brilliance.

blue sapphire

At Façonnier, we choose to offer you sapphire jewels that are neither too light nor too dark. The aim is for the gem on the jewel to retain its brilliant brilliance in all types of lighting. This deep, intense blue stone stands out easily from other familiar stones, and is very often surrounded by diamonds. To find out more about blue sapphire (where it comes from, its symbolism and composition), click here. click here.    

Did you also know that sapphire can be pink, yellow, orange or green? This color palette makes for some very surprising combinations.

color sapphire stone

Don't forget that at Façonnier, we can create the sapphire jewel of your dreams! To find out how, go to our made-to-measure page.


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