Pink tourmaline: a precious gem

Pink tourmaline is a fascinating gemstone enjoying growing popularity in the world of jewelry. It is distinguished by its beautiful pink color, which ranges from pale and delicate to intense and vibrant. This variety of pink shades makes it a highly sought-after option for the creation of [...]

Natural stones VS synthetic stones

The use of natural and synthetic stones in jewelry is a subject of great debate. There are many different types of stone that can be used for jewelry. Natural stones are those that occur naturally in the environment, while synthetic stones are those that are artificially manufactured. Some believe that [...]

What is a carat?


What is a carat? The carat used in jewelry comes from the name of a tree: the carob tree. This tree grows mainly in the Mediterranean region. It produces fruits whose seeds have the particularity of always having the same weight. Since ancient times, seeds have been used as a unit of measurement in all ancient civilizations. [...]



Did you know that each month is associated with a stone? Before deciding which jewel to give for a birth, a birthday or any other event, find out which stone and its virtues correspond most closely to it. January: Garnet Garnet is a symbol of loyalty and commitment. Its fiery red color makes it [...]

Emeralds and their secret garden


The origin of emeralds Emeralds and their multitudes of green colors, the symbol of our earth, were discovered over 5,000 years ago. During her reign, Cleopatra owned her own emerald mine and was very fond of these stones, their green color symbolizing fertility, rebirth and power. She made offerings of them to the most [...]

One of the most beautiful shades of sapphire: pink

pink sapphire

What is pink sapphire? Sapphire is often characterized as a blue-colored stone, but think again! There are many others... Have you heard of pink sapphire? The blue sapphire is the most famous stone after the diamond. But the popularity of pink sapphire jewelry could well be on the rise.

All about Rubies


The origin of rubies The ruby, covered in its red coat, is a stone known for its distinctive color. A symbolic stone with fantastic powers, it has adorned the crowns and jewels of the greatest since the time of kings. Today, it remains the most expensive gemstone after diamond. Its characteristics [...]

Soft, porous stones

What are soft stones? Soft, porous stones are rarely used in jewelry. The first reason is that they are generally less precious than other stones (such as sapphire or ruby). Secondly, porous stones are more fragile and crumble more easily. They are [...]

How well do you know sapphire?

blue sapphire

If you can't resist the dazzling color of sapphire, you're not alone! Today, sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones among jewelry lovers. It's also one of the most set. Everyone knows its brilliant blue color, but very few know all its varieties. There are [...]

Diamonds: between tradition and modernity

What is a diamond and why do we love it? When you think of gold jewelry, the first image that comes to mind is certainly that of a solitaire set with a sparkling diamond. Of all gems, diamonds are the most prized and precious. They have been considered precious stones since antiquity. [...]