Discover the different stages of made-to-measure jewelry

customized jewelry steps

We'll help you create the custom jewelry of your dreams. Rely on the century-old know-how of our expert jewelers. We put all the necessary resources in place to carry out all your requests in the shortest possible time. Take advantage of our no-fee 4-installment payment and free quotation service.

What are the steps involved in creating custom jewelry?

Tell us about your project

The first step in creating your custom jewelry is to fill in our form. Send us a visual, a drawing, a sketch or an idea to accompany the form, and we'll create it for you. We'll work with you from an artistic and technical point of view, while adapting to your budget. This form allows you to be as precise as possible, so that we can best realize your idea.

Choose your stone

Would you prefer a diamond, a ruby, a garnet, a topaz...? We'll help you select the best stones at the best price to illuminate your jewelry. For diamonds, we work exclusively with original stones of G minimum quality.

Validate your jewel

Thanks to our modern techniques, we can custom-modify a piece of jewelry in 3D until it meets all your requirements. CAD (Computer-Aided Design) provides a realistic rendering. This is where the creative process begins.

CAD custom jewelry steps

Custom jewelry workshop!

Once you've validated the visual design of your jewel, it's time to make it. It's made in our French workshop in the purest tradition of French jewelry-making. From 3D printing to polishing, your jewel is in the hands of our experts. We can send you photos periodically so you can follow the evolution of your jewel.

Engrave your jewel

Laser engraving lets you engrave eternal memories on your jewelry. A date, a first name, an expression... Personalize your jewel as you wish to add a touch of authenticity!

Your unique jewel is ready!

All the stages of the custom-made jewel are completed, and you'll receive it as soon as possible. And if it's too big or too small, we'll resize it for free. 

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