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The Joaillerie de France label was created in 2006 by the Fédération française de la joaillerie, de l'horlogerie et de la bijouterie to promote the expertise and quality of French jewelry products. The label is awarded to companies that meet strict specifications concerning product quality, traceability of raw materials and compliance with environmental standards.

The Joaillerie de France label showcases the French imprint

On November 7, a campaign was launched to promote the excellence and expertise of the French jewelry industry. The campaign is run by Francéclat and UFBJOP. Immerse yourself in the world of French jewelry with Façonnier.

Several magazines have chosen to promote and highlight French know-how, such as the " Madame Figaro "This book traces the history of the very special hallmark used by French jewellers.

Called " the French footprint" In collaboration with various jewelry partners, you'll have the pleasure of discovering our Occitanie and Corset collections. These two collections are representative of the work at Façonnier. The manufacturing techniques, the know-how required, their stories and the colors they convey are all marked.

Partner jewelry stores

Façonnier is grateful and proud to be, throughout this campaign, at the side of 4 workshops emblematic of French know-how:

Joaillerie de France's "L'empreinte française" podcast is available on all listening platforms. In 5 episodes, you can listen to the story of the 5 workshops involved in the promotion, and their commitments to obtaining this label. Immerse yourself in the world of haute joaillerie excellence through the voices of great jewelers.

Façonnier would like to thank Francéclat and UFBJOP for choosing us to promote the excellence of French jewelry and the Joaillerie de France label. Paying tribute to the richness of French know-how.

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