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The season of love is fast approaching, and we at Façonnier have prepared something really special to celebrate this Valentine's Day. We're delighted to announce our first exclusive pop-up exhibition, taking place from Thursday February 8 to Saturday February 10 at Bijouterie Andrieu in Valence. Let yourself be drawn into an ephemeral universe where elegance and creativity meet.

pop-up fashion designer, creator of made-to-measure and limited series jewelry

Details of our pop-up

Dates : Thursday, February 8 to Saturday, February 10

Location: Bijouterie Andrieu, 25 Rue Emile Augier, 26000 Valence

Opening hours : 10am-12pm and 2pm-7pm

This event goes far beyond a simple jewelry exhibition. It's an invitation to explore our unique limited-edition creations, crafted with exceptional skill by our artisans. Each piece tells a story, combining the traditional art of jewelry-making with contemporary designs. From sparkling rings to sophisticated necklaces, each piece has been meticulously selected for its timeless beauty. These three days will be an immersion where you can not only admire, but also acquire these exceptional pieces.

Need a piece of jewelry before our pop-up:

For those who can't wait, our selection of fast delivery jewelry has been carefully designed with you in mind. These jewels are ready to light up your life in just 4 days. Whether it's for a special occasion or to express your everyday style, our fast delivery collection promises beauty without delay. Explore, choose and receive your exceptional piece in record time, while preserving the unsurpassed quality that characterizes Façonnier.

At Façonnier, we can't wait to share this ephemeral moment with you. Don't miss your chance to experience a pop-up that celebrates love and beauty.

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