How to show off your jewelry?

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Jewelry comes in an infinite variety of materials, shapes and colors. With so many choices available, it's easy to wonder which jewels to choose and how to wear them. In this article, you'll find advice from the experts at Façonniers, jewelry manufacturers for over a century now.

Match your jewelry to your outfit

Of course, the first piece of advice we can give you is to match your jewelry to your outfit. But how?

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In Spring and Summer, a woman likes to stand out from the crowd, so gold-colored jewelry adorned with colorful, voluminous stones won't go unnoticed. The freshness of spring and summer outfits harmonizes perfectly with jewels set with precious stones such as sapphire, ruby or even emerald. Just imagine yourself on a summer's evening, dressed in a white dress and accompanied by your most colorful jewels. 

In Autumn and Winter, it's best to avoid thick, voluminous jewelry, opting instead for slimmer models. If they're in white gold or silver, even better. In these seasons, a woman may decide to wear a cream blouse or a black sweater. A diamond-set white gold necklace would brighten up and add sparkle to your outfit. Earrings can also be matched to your outfit.

Match your jewelry to your skin tone

Jewelry compliments your complexion, and it's important to know how to enhance your complexion with the jewelry you wear. Choosing jewelry is first and foremost a question of taste, but also of skin. To find out, do a little colorimetry test:

Look at the veins on your wrist.

  • Are they green? Then you have a warm tone.
  • Are they purple? This corresponds to a cold tone.
  • If you can't tell the difference between the two colors, you can do as you please - this is a "neutral" tone. Lucky you!

Silver, white gold and platinum are metals that brighten natural tones and light hair. In addition, cool skin tones can be paired with gemstones that are red (ruby, garnet), violet (amethyst, iolite) and blue (sapphire, blue topaz, London blue topaz). White gold is an excellent choice of metal for light tones.

As for gold, it stands out particularly with dark hair and dark skins. It brings light to the skin and enhances tanned skin just back from vacation. Warm skin tones harmonize with yellow metals, in addition to yellow, orange and green gemstones.

But be careful, just because you have a light tone doesn't mean you can't wear yellow gold jewelry, and vice-versa. Personally, I'm a fan of yellow gold and only wear it even though I'm light-skinned. Jewelry is made to be loved and enjoyed!

Discover the Louvre and Hyères collections, which are perfect for both skin tones. The Louvre collection will stand out more on a warm tone, while the Hyères collection will be a big hit on a cooler tone:

Quantity is not synonymous with quality! Depending on your desires, your tastes, your skin tone and your outfit, you can choose to wear one piece of jewelry or several. There are a few tips we can give you if you're still hesitating.

A single piece of jewelry, whether necklace, bracelet or ring, will enhance any outfit with its many colors, patterns, ruffles... For example, a solitaire ring or necklace is all it takes to add the finishing touch to a chic look!

A jewel or jewels?

Based on the accumulation of jewelry, Stacking consists in accumulating the same types of jewelry. Stacking is a veritable fashion phenomenon, allowing you to unleash your creativity by mixing colors and styles in the most chic of ways. Stacking adds a touch of femininity, but as with all good things, don't overdo it and you'll stay on trend!

Stacking bracelets lets you dare to be original by mixing materials, colors, stones and styles. You can combine chains, stones and fabrics. Stacking necklaces should be made up of fine necklaces with a certain harmony between them, notably the color of the jewelry and the stones. Wear several necklaces at the same time, with a pretty shirt or low-cut sweater - it's trendy! Last but not least, ring stacking is quite free: there's something for every taste, with only your imagination to limit you: precious stones, metals, small rings...

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What's it for?

Showcasing your jewelry enhances and sublimates your personality. The aim is to be an exceptional, stylish, confident and beautiful woman. What's more, wearing your favorite jewels and collections as often as possible helps to assert your personal identity. There's only one rule: please yourself!

Don't forget, at Façonnier, we create made-to-measure jewelry, your way! Let's create your treasure together.

Don't forget, at Fau00e7onnier, we cru00e9on made-to-measure jewelry, u00e0 your fau00e7on! Let's create your tru00e9sor together.

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