The bangle bracelet: discreet but trendy!

The history of the bangle

The earliest history of the rush bracelet dates back some 5,000 years. This bracelet is very old and has been present in many civilizations, but with different meanings over the years. 

Among the people of the Vikings, Greeks and Romans, it was synonymous with wealth, as it was those well above the middle class who wore jewelry. Whether bracelets, rings or even earrings, jewelry served 3 purposes: 

  • Show their social standing
  • As an ornamental accessory
  • As a currency of exchange and trade

It was also used during slavery in Europe and around the Indian Ocean. Their handcuffs were replaced by the rush bracelet when they worked.

An original jewel

Timeless and fashionable, it can be worn for any occasion. Easy to identify, it is made of a hard material, so it won't deform and will stand the test of time. The bangle bracelet is a highly original piece of jewelry, since it stands out from other bracelets thanks to its distinctive design, which is quickly recognized.

Why choose a bangle bracelet?

For a minimalist look

A bangle bracelet is all you need for a minimalist look. It also adds elegance to your outfit and highlights your wrist. There's no need to pair it with other pieces to make it stand out.

For a bohemian look

Opt for a bohemian look and turn to rush bracelets with leaf motifs, made of wood... Mix this bracelet with other fancy bracelets, colored bracelets, beaded bracelets, shell bracelets...

For a modern look

Stacking is the accumulation of jewels to create volume. The bangle bracelet is also part of this trend. Easy to wear with other jewels, don't hesitate to vary the types to enhance your style.

Vary the models

Classic models

To keep your style simple and elegant, opt for classic models. Opt for quality materials such as gold or silver. Add a sober, refined jewel to your outfit to add sparkle.

Contemporary models

More recent models tend to take up traditional codes and bring them up to date. Some will emphasize the surface of the bezel, which will no longer be round but flat to modernize the bracelet.

Atypical models

Enhance a simple outfit with atypical rush bracelets. You'll find a wide range of models, including open bracelets, sculpted ends and bracelets depicting special shapes such as animals...

A few mistakes to avoid when wearing a bangle bracelet

A bangle bracelet gives you a distinctive look and adds a touch of elegance to your style. The main mistake is to hide it under shirts or sweaters. This bracelet is designed to be worn and seen. It's also important that the band is the right size for the right effect. It shouldn't be too big to avoid falling on the hand, but it shouldn't be too tight. Last but not least, a bangle bracelet will determine the color of your clothes, to harmonize your look.

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