Did you know that each month is associated with a stone? Before you decide which jewel to give for a birth, a birthday or any other event, find out which stone and its virtues correspond most closely to it.

January: Garnet

Garnet is a symbol of loyalty and commitment. With its fiery red color, it's also known as the stone of lovers, perfect for keeping the flame alive or rekindling it.

February: Amethyst

Etymologically, amethyst comes from the Greek and is composed of the verb methúô for "to be drunk" and the privative prefix "a". Its name is probably due to its wine-like color. Amethyst is said to prevent drunkenness. It promotes balance and fulfillment.

March: Aquamarine

Its transparent, slightly bluish and sometimes green color is reminiscent of some of the turquoise waters of paradise seascapes. This is why aquamarine is the stone of sailors, with the power to protect travelers at sea. More generally, aquamarine makes for happy sailing, both in life and as a couple.

April: Diamond

Unfortunately, not everyone can have diamonds as their birthstone. Diamond owes its name to the Latin adámas, meaning "indomitable". It is so called because no other mineral is so hard. The diamond is the symbol of perfection. To find out more about this very special stone, click on this button.

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May: Emerald

Emerald, Cleopatra's favorite stone, is the most precious of the beryl family. Its virtues are many, but all agree that emerald contributes to well-being and compassion. To find out more about emerald, click here.

June: Pearl and Moonstone

Moonstone takes its name from its particular brilliance, which the Romans believed changed with the phases of the Moon. It is the symbol of sensuality and maternity. Pearls are known for their pearly luster, round shape and white color. Like moonstone, it is a feminine stone. It symbolizes sensuality and natural beauty.

July: the Ruby

The ruby is a stone of character that suits strong personalities. Very popular despite its rarity, ruby is one of the most prized gemstones. Its flame-red color symbolizes passion and life. To find out more about rubies, click here.

August: Peridot

Peridot is a stone with a strong symbolism: on different continents, peridot is often associated with the divine. Peridot is also called olivine, due to its olive-like color. It is said to have purifying properties for body and mind. Peridot is also the stone of the 16th wedding anniversary.

September: Sapphire

Sapphire is one of the most widely used stones by jewellers and one of the most appreciated by jewelry lovers. When we think of sapphire, we naturally think of its blue color, but there are many colors to suit all tastes (yellow, orange, green or pink). To find out more about sapphires, click here.

October: Tourmaline and Opal

Opal is a stone of legend, and the rainbow reflections of these stones always impress. Opal reflections vary according to the angle from which they are viewed. They are also said to vary according to the wearer's mood. There are many varieties, the best known being fire opals, white opals and black opals. Tourmaline is the stone of appeasement. It is offered to comfort, particularly in cases of emotional grief. For artists, it stimulates creativity. It comes in all colors, but only pink tourmaline is the birthstone for October.

November: Citrine

Citrine is a stone of positivity. Its name comes from the Latin citrus, from which it often takes its color. Citrine brings prosperity and motivation, and is said to increase self-confidence. Citrine is also often called the merchant's stone.

December: Tanzanite and blue topaz

If you love rarity, Tanzanite is the stone for you. Its name comes from the only existing deposit of this stone, located in Tanzania. Good-quality Tanzanite ranges in color from ultramarine to sapphire blue. Blue topaz is less rare than tanzanite, but that doesn't mean it has to be jealous. Blue topaz is a symbol of fidelity and is said to enhance courage and self-confidence.

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