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How to care for and clean jewelry?

Gold jewelry is a symbolic object that lasts over time, worn for many years or even decades, and sometimes passed on to younger generations. But like all things, no matter how noble, jewelry is subject to the impact of time, simply because we love wearing it. So that you can enjoy your jewelry without fear, we've put together a guide to good jewelry care and cleaning practices.

To clean a slightly dirty piece of jewelry, all you need is a toothbrush, warm water, soap, a fine cloth and a little elbow grease.

Forget grandma's tricks and avoid chemical products: simple soap does the trick just fine. The stones and metals in your jewelry can react to certain products, so be careful. To keep your jewelry looking its best, you can clean it in this way every month.

For a thorough cleaning and a jewel like new, entrust your jewel to us and it will regain the brilliance that made you fall in love with it in the first place.  

An after-sales service for a refurbishment will cost you less than €100* in our workshops.

If you would like us to refurbish your jewel, please contact us.

Although all Façonnier jewelry is soap- and water-resistant, it's a good idea to remove it before washing your hands.

Washing can cause a thin layer of deposit to build up under the breeches of your jewels. This has the effect of preventing light from passing through them, and can give the stones a tarnished effect - something you don't want in a piece of jewelry.

If you notice this effect on your jewelry, you can wash it with a toothbrush. Your jewelry should already be brighter.

Without even realizing it, we have to handle chemicals for gardening or cleaning, for example. Before doing so, be sure to remove your jewelry. The products can alter the metal or stones in your jewelry, and that would be a real shame.

Not that you shouldn't go on vacation to protect your jewelry, but when you do, you tend to just want to relax and enjoy the moment. It would be a shame to lose a piece of jewelry in the ocean. So don't forget to protect your jewelry on vacation, and take a jewelry box with you to store it.

As with vacations, these are times when we're generally careless. It's best to take off your jewelry before such activities.

It's hard to control your movements when you're asleep. Sleeping with your jewelry on does not directly damage it, contrary to what you might think. If we advise you to take them off, it's mainly to avoid snagging necklaces, losing earrings or hand movements that can cause shocks.

Unfortunately, jewelry is not yet connected, and cannot be made to ring like a telephone. Avoid the stress of an intensive search by keeping your jewelry in the same place at all times.

Especially for jewelry with a chain. It's usually difficult to anticipate, but it's one of the biggest risks. If you're in contact with babies, put away your necklaces - our little ones tend to like shiny things. Be careful when wearing clothes with zippers...

This guide is not a code of good practice, as everyone wears their jewelry in their own way. The sole purpose of this guide is to provide you with advice and best practices for keeping your jewelry in tip-top condition. Our mission is to shape jewelry so that you can wear it the way you want.


*If the jewel is not broken, in all cases an estimate will be made before repair.

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