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The origin of rubies

The ruby, covered with its red dress is a stone known for its color of character. It is a symbolic stone with fantastic powers that has adorned the crowns and jewelry of the greatest since the time of the kings. It remains today the most expensive gemstone after the diamond.


Its characteristics

Ruby is the red stone of the corundum family. Except for it, all stones in the corundum family are sapphires. So you may wonder why it is not called red sapphire like all other sapphire varieties? It is simply because it is the only stone in the corundum family to have chromium in its composition (pink sapphire also has a small amount of chromium in its composition, it is the only exception in the sapphire family). Depending on its chromium content, its hues can vary from red, pink, purple to orange.

It is a stone that has inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye, just like the emerald, which is what makes the natural charm of these stones. These inclusions should not make them lose their brilliance. But what we like about it is that it has a hard body that allows it to be cut in any shape with extreme precision. The ruby has a score of 9 on the Mohs scale.

A rough ruby is usually pink and opaque. To give it the color and transparency it is known for, it is heated to a temperature of 1,300°c, which also has the effect of removing some of the inclusions. Heating is considered a necessary embellishment technique for this stone and is also used for sapphires. Rubies that emerge naturally from the earth with a red color, transparent without inclusions are very rare, and their price is very high.

Because of their price, they are the most treated gemstones. A treated ruby is a stone on which cavities have been filled in, so that it does not have to be recut and thus lose weight. But this technique makes the ruby lose a lot of value... At façonnier, you will not find treated rubies.  

Les variétés de rubis  Façonnier

The virtues of the ruby

The ruby has the virtue of curing heart and circulatory problems. It also has the ability to avoid nightmares and anxiety, it brings happiness. But above all, rubies are the symbol of life and death through their blood red color.

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