What are the differences between white gold and platinum?

Are you looking for a piece of jewelry and hesitating between white gold or platinum?

White gold and platinum are both precious metals used in jewelry. Here are a few points to help you make your choice.

White gold

White gold is an alloy of 75 % yellow gold and 25 % other metals, such as pure silver and palladium. The alloying of these different metals gives it its gray color and good strength. The brilliance of white gold is achieved by a thin layer of rhodium applied to the jewel. 


Platinum is a combination of a less important alloy. There are 95 % of pure, naturally white platinum added to 5 % of other metals. Unlike white gold, platinum does not require the addition of a thin layer of rhodium.

What you need to know...

  • Platinum weighs more than gold. For voluminous jewelry, white gold is more comfortable to wear. 
  • White gold costs less than platinum, because its percentage in the composition of the jewel is lower than that of platinum. Platinum is also a rarer material than gold.
  • White gold jewelry will tend to yellow slightly after several years of wear. Rhodium plating is therefore necessary every one to three years, depending on wear. As for platinum, its advantage is that it retains the same hue even after many years.
  • The color of the two metals is very similar, although white gold tends a little towards silver, and platinum towards gray.

The advantages of these metals

White gold is easier to work with in the workshop. This metal is therefore perfect for more complex creations. What's more, thanks to its lower price, you can also invest in a diamond or other precious stones to add to your jewelry. 

The advantage of platinum is that it requires no maintenance other than polishing every 4 years, as is the case with all yellow and rose gold jewelry.

In a nutshell...

Choose white gold if you want to create a complex diamond ring or piece of jewelry. 

If you want to create a piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time and require no maintenance, choose platinum.

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