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Custom jewelry for everyone!

Isn't it amazing what a difference jewelry can make? A simple piece of jewelry can add so much style and personality to an outfit. And, of course, everyone loves to receive a bespoke piece of jewelry as a gift! Whether you're looking for something special for yourself or for a loved one, you've come to the right place!

What is bespoke jewelry and how is it made?

Made-to-measure jewelry is one of a kind. Made specifically for you, they can be designed and finished in any way that suits you, from colors to shapes to sizes and more! If this sounds like something special and reserved for a select few, think again: thanks to a wide range of techniques, metals and stones, we can produce French made-to-measure jewelry from as little as €100.

The Façonnier workshop prides itself on creating beautiful masterpieces with bespoke designs made especially to your specifications, each person has individual experience and guidance during production.

Reasons to choose made-to-measure jewelry

There are many reasons to choose custom-made jewelry over ordinary jewelry. First of all, you can choose the design you like best. You can also choose the materials, so you can be sure that your piece will be unique and special. What's more, if you have specific size requirements, we can make your jewel to fit perfectly! To sum up, with Façonnier everything is made-to-measure, you have a free choice of everything.

You are the artists and creators, we are the experts who advise you every step of the way, so that your jewel is created with love, care and precision, because it deserves nothing less.

How do you choose the perfect piece for yourself or a loved one?

When choosing bespoke jewelry, it's important to think about what the person you're giving it to likes. If she likes classic jewelry, a simple necklace or ring with a stone or engraving will be perfect. If she prefers something more modern, think outside the box and dare a particular design. It's also important to think about the person's personality. If she's creative, a bespoke piece with an interesting design will be perfect. If she's more laid-back, a simple design might be better. Matching clothing styles, look at the jewelry the person wears on a daily basis.

Popular types of bespoke jewelry

There are many types of made-to-measure jewelry, but some are more popular than others.

Custom-made jewelry is an excellent way to highlight your unique personality.

Custom jewelry is a great way to showcase your unique personality. With so many ways to create your own jewelry, you can really let your creativity flow. Whether you prefer a more traditional or modern look, the possibilities are endless. If you're looking for a truly unique gift, bespoke jewelry is a great option. Not only will the recipient love the jewelry, but they'll also appreciate the thought and effort you put into creating it.

Custom jewelry to commemorate special occasions

The best way to commemorate a special occasion is to create a personalized piece of jewelry. Whether you're looking for a wedding ring, a pendant with your birthstones or earrings as an anniversary gift. There's no better choice when it comes to choosing the kind of keepsake that will mean something only you can share!

Tips for buying bespoke jewelry as a gift

The holidays are a time for giving and receiving gifts, but sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect present. If you're not sure what to give that special someone, why not try bespoke jewelry? It's a unique and thoughtful gift that's sure to be appreciated. But before you start shopping, here are a few tips to keep in mind

Look and take a breath

Get inspired and take a good look at the person's jewelry. It's not always true, but in general everyone has a preference for gold color. While diamonds tend to be the unanimous choice, this isn't true for colored stones. It's less risky to stand out by design than by color when it comes to gifting.

A necklace or bracelet can be a good choice for an anniversary, a pendant is the best option for a birth, while earrings would be perfect for Valentine's Day, and a ring is perfect for a wedding anniversary.

Made-to-measure jewelry production times vary widely, and the more complex the project, the longer it will take. There are 4 distinct stages in our made-to-measure process: 

  • Tell us what you want, it's the first compulsory step to start designing your jewel.
  • Design and iteration. When it comes to made-to-measure jewelry, we all want the perfect piece that meets our requirements, and to achieve this we have to collaborate until we come up with the proposal of your dreams. (This stage takes about 1 week).
  • Manufacture of your jewel. Once validated, your jewel is manufactured by our workshop's craftsmen. (This stage takes about 2 weeks).
  • Shipment and delivery within 4 working days in France and Europe, and within 1 week anywhere else in the world.

For an all-gold pendant, the lead time is approximately 2 to 3 weeks. For a wedding ring, the lead time varies between 1 and 2 months. For a piece with a unique, made-to-measure stone shape, you'll need at least 3 months to finalize your jewel.

The average lead time is one month, but it also depends on the season. If you'd like to offer a bespoke piece of jewelry for Christmas, contact us before the end of October to make sure your jewel case is under your Christmas tree.

The best personalized jewelry is that which reflects an individual's personality. It's also the kind of jewelry that gets worn the most.

Custom jewelry can be expensive, but there are a variety of options available to suit all budgets. Dare to ask, and you won't be disappointed! Made-to-measure jewelry, no matter how simple, is always a very sentimental gift that touches and marks the lucky recipient.

A great gift idea is also to give a second life to family jewels that are now too damaged to be worn. Add personal touches linked to the person and you have an unforgettable gift. 

It's common sense, but we can't reproduce another brand's jewelry identically. On the other hand, there's nothing illegal about using an existing design as inspiration for your own jewelry. 

Can you take back my old gold?

If you have jewelry that you no longer wear, and that you're sure you won't wear again in the future, we can use the metals from this jewelry to create new, made-to-measure pieces. Leaving gold jewelry in its case without ever touching it is pointless and more of a hazard than anything else. Use them to make jewelry you'll want to wear every day!

Gold is the most expensive part of most custom jewelry. If you can supply us with old gold, the cost of your custom jewelry will be drastically reduced.

Take care of your jewels so they last a long time!

Jewelry is a great way to make an impression on any occasion. But like everything else, no matter how noble, jewelry suffers the impact of time, simply because we like to wear it. Make sure your jewelry never stands under water with soap or comes into contact with harsh chemicals; always remove it before doing any manual work that could potentially damage these carefully chosen pieces by accident. If treated correctly, they'll be around long after we're gone (or passed on). For the best care of all your jewels, consult our guide!

A few examples of custom-made projects

Custom jewelry glossary

Become a jewelry expert! We've put together a glossary of terms you may come across if you decide to create your own bespoke jewelry.

General glossary

Setting & crimping

The way a stone is attached to metal.

A type of setting in which metal shavings are lifted with the scoop and folded over the stone to secure it.

A very discreet, yet brilliant, in-line setting.

Type of air setting to avoid surrounding a stone

A type of claw setting, there can be any number of claws, generally positioned in the corners of the stones to remain discreet.

Rhodium coating on a metal surface. Used in jewelry on white gold to enhance its brilliance.

Rhodium coating on a metal surface. Used in jewelry on white gold to enhance its brilliance.

Création Assisté par Ordinateur, or Computer-Aided Design, refers to all 3D software used to create a design.

A metal instrument ending in a point, used for piercing and cutting hard materials. There are several types of hallmark: title hallmarks and master hallmarks.

It's the one that certifies the jewelry's title (pure metal content).

Hallmark bearing the signature of the jeweler or jeweller who made the jewel.

Graduated rod used to measure ring diameter.

The kitten is not a cute ball of fur for jewelers, but the head of a piece of jewelry with a claw setting between which a stone is fixed, i.e. the setting and stone.

Polishing most often consists of making a honed surface shine, using brushes, soapy water or polishing paste and a polishing lathe.

Electroplating is the process of using electrodeposition to coat a piece of jewelry with a thin layer of metal.

In the jewelry industry, engraving involves incising or digging into a gold, silver or platinum surface to inscribe a message or design. Jewelry engraving is either carried out by an artisan jeweler or by laser, depending on the level of detail and precision required.

Welding involves joining two pieces of metal, without the addition of filler metal (brazing). They are joined together by fusion.

The titre of a precious metal is the minimum content of the specified alloying element, expressed in thousandths by weight of the alloy. For example, 18-carat gold is also called 750/1000 because this gold alloy contains 750 grams of pure gold for 1000 grams of 18-k gold.

Pavage is the subtle jewelry art of juxtaposing small gemstones to create a wonderfully shiny, flat surface.

A surround refers to the stones set around a larger main stone. The jewels in the Bleu-Marine collection are a perfect example.

The technique of hollowing out the invisible metal parts of a piece of jewelry to make it lighter, thus reducing material costs and making it more comfortable to wear.

Earrings glossary


Device used to hold earrings. There are several available, and Façonnier has developed a unique stroller system that is much more comfortable and easier to use (supplied with every purchase of earrings).

The stroller is a piece made of the same metal as the jewelry, and is placed at the back of the ear to receive the stem at the end of which the earring ornament is located. Butterfly-shaped and pierced with a hole, it holds the stem firmly in place.

Creoles are circular earrings. They can be open or closed, and come in all sizes.

Ear chips are made up of a stem and a bezel, or a shape made of the same metal as the stem. They have the advantage of being very light and of having a clasp that is not visible, as it is often placed behind the earlobe. These earrings are the most popular models on the market and in jewelry stores.

Originally, dormeuses were earrings worn at night to prevent the piercing holes from closing. Their name derives from the fact that they were worn during sleep.

Necklaces & pendants glossary

End ring

These are the different rings placed on a chain so that a necklace can be worn in different ways.

It takes the form of a small ring fitted with a lever. This lever opens the ring so that it can be closed on a link at the other end of the chain. On a bracelet, it can be difficult to close with one hand, but it has the advantage of being very secure.

The snap hook is an improved and even safer form of spring ring.

The tag is like adding a brand signature to a chain.

Forçat link chains are the most common type of chain. The links are rectangular, with two bevels per side.

Diamond forçat chain is also known as "filed" chain. It has a shiny effect and is therefore perfect for gold jewelry. All Façonnier necklaces feature diamond forçat chain.

Ring from which the clapper hangs. The bélière is used to attach a pendant to a chain. They come in different shapes.

Glossary of bracelets


A jonc is a circular ring worn as a bracelet or ring. These jewels offer an infinite level of personalization, perfect for creative minds.

A flex bangle is a hollowed-out, open bangle that can be bent and always return to its original shape. The bracelets in the Corsica Giulia and Scarabée collections are perfect examples.

Ring Glossary


A set of rings used to measure the size of a ring on the finger.

The ring body is the shape of the ring, and there are all types.

A jonc is a circular ring worn as a bracelet or ring. These jewels offer an infinite level of personalization, perfect for creative minds.

The signet ring is an ancient piece of jewelry worn since the early Middle Ages. Historically, this ring was used to display a family coat of arms. Even today, the signet ring is one of the rare pieces of jewelry to be surrounded by symbols and traditions.

If you're looking for a unique and special gift to give someone, or want to treat yourself to something beautiful and timeless, bespoke jewelry is the perfect option. French jewelers have been making bespoke pieces for centuries, so you can trust our expertise when it comes to creating something truly unique. Take your time to choose the right model - it's an unforgettable gift that will be remembered for the rest of your life.

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